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  • Dvir Barkay

A Day In Yellowstone

My article about a "Day in Yellowstone" was published on Photographylife.

Here is an excerpt:

"Yellowstone National Park. That is really all one needs to say to get the message across. What could very well be the most photographed National Park in the world needs no introductions. Yellowstone harbors all of the elements that make the “West” of the United States such a compelling area for photographers. It’s combination of landscapes, geothermal activity and wildlife is a photographers dream. And yet, for a place with so many splendors, you would think I would not get so many questions on how and when to photograph massive park.

For all it’s many wonders, Yellowstone happens to actually be a difficult place to capture properly, especially if one is to do so in a unique non kitsch way. The geothermal landscapes are restricted by boardwalks. The lighting is often harsh. You are often taking a photo with a hundred other people that are taking the exact same picture. And let’s face it, Yellowstone has been photographically chewed over and over again, making it a unique challenge to create something new. In this article, I will try to highlight how I personally attack the challenge of photographing Yellowstone National Park, and I will do so in a sort of one day itinerary in the hopes of answering some of the many questions that I get asked so often...."

You can read the full article here

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