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Artwork on Wobbler's Dwellers of the Deep Album

In between the recording sessions and research for our new album Dwellers of the Deep, I also worked with sketches for the album artwork. By pure luck I stumbled upon this striking and almost abstract photography taken by Dvir. His image of floating reeds really resonated with the themes and overall concept we were working on. We first tried it out as a front cover, but we are extremely pleased that we decided to give it the space it needed, and use it as the main piece in the gatefold art. A beautiful image taken by a talented photographer with a keen eye for interesting scenery and motifs.

- Andreas W.S. Prestmo

Since the late 90’s Norway’s Wobbler have been one of the stalwarts of the Progressive Rock scene and one of my favorite bands. I was first introduced to their music through their magical Rites of Dawn album and have subsequently been an ardent follower of their work. In late 2019, much to my surprise and delight, Wobbler's lead singer Andreas Prestmo reached out to me about using one of my photographs of leaves and reeds floating on a lake on their then upcoming album Dwellers of the Deep. They ended up choosing the following image for the gatefold artwork of the album and I couldn't be more delighted! 

For more info about Wobbler and their music you can go here.

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