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  • Dvir Barkay

How to Photograph Wildlife in Yellowstone National Park: Fishing Bay Bridge

“Where can I find grizzly bears?” is probably the most common question I get regarding Yellowstone National Park. While hardly a surprising question given how the iconic bear species has come to symbolize the park, it is nonetheless a question with an elusive answer. There are around 717 grizzly bears in the greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, a significant recovery from the 136 bears in 1975. The grizzly’s versatility means that they can be found in a range of altitudes and habitats so that they can be seen in almost any area of the park. Grizzly bears hibernate throughout the winter months and begin to emerge from their slumber in early spring at around March. For much of the spring, early summer and the fall season they can be found around Yellowstone Lake, Fishing Bridge, Swan Lake Flats, and Lamar and Haden Valley Eastern Entrances. By mid-summer they are most easily found in the meadows in the Hayden and Lamar Valleys and along the higher elevations of the Tower-Roosevelt road.

For the full article you can go here on the Photographylife website where I write.

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