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  • Dvir Barkay

Sony A9 Review

I recently got the chance to spend a few weeks with Sony's Alpha 9 mirrorless camera body as I reviewed it for Photographylife. I must say, I was really blown away by it's performance and I feel that Sony has finally released a wildlife photography camera worthy of challenging the big boys in Canon's 1Dx and Nikon's D5. Below you can find an excerpt from my conclusion about the camera:

" My time with the Sony A9 was an eye opener and I found it a highly impressive camera that offers both features and a performance that in many ways rivals and at times exceeds that of the Canon 1Dx Mark II and D5. Sony has come a very long way since they started making full-frame mirrorless cameras four years ago and in many ways, the A9 is the camera that breaks the glass ceiling for mirrorless designs. The status quo that mirrorless cameras can’t be great sports and wildlife cameras is now a thing of the past. The A9 isn’t a perfect camera, with Sony’s weather sealing being of particular concern, but its compact dimensions, accurate subject tracking, incredible frame-rate with no viewfinder blackout, native 4K video recording, silent operation and a price that massively undercuts the competition results in a camera that is not only revolutionary but also incredibly practical and a joy to use. "

For the full review you can go here.

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