LOCATION          Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA
DATES                 23 - 30 September 2018 (7 Days) 2 SPACES LEFT 
GROUP SIZE      Each trip has a maximum group size of only 3 participants
GENRE                Wildlife and Landscape
FEE                      1,699 USD  
DEPOSIT             850 USD 
LEVEL                  All Experience Levels 
This unforgettable tour explores Yellowstone National Park during the peak of Autumn when it undergoes an extraordinary transition. As the park changes from summer to winter, its colors begin to undergo a drastic shift from greens to vibrant yellows and reds. The parks wildlife is also very active during this time. There is no finer place to capture the annual rut of the Elk then in Yellowstone. The large Bulls will be stamping their dominance over their rivals while trying to keep together their harem of females. We will be out early to try to capture this behavior in the misty valleys on these cold autumnal mornings. The fall season also introduces the rutting season for Yellowstone's largest mammal, the American Bison. We will spend time with the large herds, analyzing their behavior in the hopes of predicting and photographing a full on battle for dominance. The park's carnivores are also very active at this time, especially Grizzly Bears as they try to fatten up for their long winter hibernation. We will venture to a few special spots that are especially productive for bear photography in hopes of capturing these reticent and majestic animals. We will also be on the lookout for other species (Pronghorn, Red Fox, Bighorn Sheep and some of the different Owl species) and the amazing landscape photography opportunities which this unique season in Yellowstone has to offer.    
Our prime subjects on this tour will be Yellowstone's big three, Elk, Bison and Grizzly Bear. That said, because we are a small group, we can have a much more flexible itinerary that is tailored to the participants personal interests and wishes.  
  • 7 days of photography 
  • Unlimited expert photographic instruction and guiding in the field
  • Post-processing lessons, image reviews 
Recommended Gear
  • Two DSLR camera bodies (One with a fast frame rate and the other with more megapixels)

  • Telephoto of at least 300mm

  • Mid-range telephoto lens (ex: 70-200mm, 100-400mm)

  • Wide-angle lens (with circular polarizing filter)

  • Tripod and head

  • Rain Cover for camera and lens

  • Micro-fiber cleaning cloth 

  • Cable Release

  • Spare batteries and memory cards

  • Laptop (if you wish to partake in instructional photoshop sessions)

Note: Unlike most other workshops in Yellowstone. This tour is much more personal in nature and is all about making you get the best pictures out of one of the most beautiful seasons in Yellowstone National Park. Because of the stripped down nature of this tour, Meals, Lodging and transportation are not included and this is reflected in the lower price. 
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